Welcome to Shake registration!

A few things to note before you begin:

  • The deadline for travel subsidies and sponsor discounts has now passed. Groups will be contacted by May 21 to confirm any subsidies and discounts awarded, and total group registration fee.


  • Filling out the registration form: group registration is now available (hooray!). You can register as many sponsors as you need, and up to 15 youth. After that, sorry, you’ll have to start again, but koodos for bring such an awesome group! Once you have filled out the first form (below) you will be able to alternate back and forth between the different registration parts (sponsors, additional youth, even more youth, etc.) and the information will be saved if you need to go back and forth. The information will not be saved if you exit, however, so make sure to hit ‘Register’ when you are all done, or when you’ve gotten as far as you can.


  • For every youth registrant, you will need to know: name, age, gender, grade, contact information, special needs and allergies, health card number, emergency contact, and parental permission.


We are not accepting online registration payments at this time. Upon completion of your registration you will be contacted to confirm your total fee and preferred payment method. Please contact Kirsten in the MC Sask office if you have any questions about registration.