FAQ’s and W’s

FAQ’s: Fun facts about Shake!  

It happened, what can I share with my church?

  1. Obviously, start with the summary video and then get people to share about some of the important things we learned and shared about.
  2. Songs. A lot of the songs we sang in the morning are written by Camps with Meaning, the Mennonite Church Manitoba camping ministry. Find words, chords and mp3s here.
  3. Litanies we used. See below for the two readings we used each day.
  4. More ideas to come.

Where are the other two videos that were made?

Most of the good stuff from those days is in the summary, but if you really want to see them, here you go:

The two main litanies:

Morning Opening Prayer

At the beginning of this day
We open ourselves to You
Speak into our lives
Move among us
Move within us
That we may love You with all our mind
All our heart and all our soul
And our neighbours as ourselves

Evening, ‘Yes! To God’ (adapted from Words for Worship 2)

L: As we leave this time of worship,

              we take along our “Yes!” to God.

1: Yes! We will be lit candles of love

against the darkness of hate.

2: Yes! We will be joyful songs

filling the silence of indifference.

1: Yes! We will be hopeful people

in a discouraged world.

2: Yes! We will bring life

to those surrounded by death.

All: For we are people of love, joy, hope, and life.

              we follow the Prince of Peace,

              and we carry his peace with us

              today and every day.

L: Excited by the possibilities of peace,

              all the people of God shouted,

All: Yes!

L: Then, knowing they were not sure

              what they had committed to,

              the followers of the Prince of Peace,

              surrounded by the Holy Spirit,

              whispered in awe,

All: Lord, lead me on!

L: Now go forth

              living your Yes! To God,

              knowing that you are held by a love

              that will not let you go.

in the name of the Creator, the Redeemer, and the

Sustainer. Amen.


Shake event guide. Includes Schedule, packing list, and a whole lot more.

Click here to download the Shake Event Guide.

What will our days look like?

Starting with breakfast options for the early bird and the second mouse, we will then become ‘grounded’ in worship, and spend some time in conversation with one another about what we’ve learned and heard. The day will then include fun and exciting things like lunch (yum!), workshops, activities, free time, and a learning tour. In the evenings we will be shaken and rattled as we encounter the Radical Jesus in our worship, and as we run around and enjoy a variety of nighttime games and activities. At the end of each day we will fall into our beds challenged, inspired, and exhausted, and excited to do it all again the next day!

Daily themes (exploring the issues on the hearts and minds of youth today): creation care and climate change, indigenous- settler relations, and whole health.

Will there be speakers?

You bet! We’re happy to say we will be joined by people from near and far at Shake, all will be revealed in the coming months!

What kind of activities are there at Shekinah?

Shekinah offers wall climbing, zip lining, canoeing, initiative tasks, and is the perfect place for outdoor wide games!

How do you pronounce Shekinah any way??

Think ‘canteena’ and ‘marina’ -> ‘shah-key-nah’. Fun fact, in Hebrew, Shekinah means ‘the presence and glory of God” – something we could all use more of in our lives! Learn more about Shekinah by visiting their website:  http://www.shekinahretreatcentre.org

What should I pack? Do I need bedding and toiletries?

Yes, you need to pack all of your own bedding and toiletries.

IF you are flying to Shake, as hosts, Saskatchewan folk are committed to providing you with a sleeping bag and pillow. The rest is up to you!


The W’s of Shake:

Who: youth in grades 6-12 (grads welcome!) from Mennonite Church Canada congregations across the prairies and beyond, and a hundred or so of their friends and youth sponsors!

What: a gathering designed to bring all of us together in the living Word and love of God, which both grounds us and shakes us as we encounter the Radical Jesus. Our days together will include: Biblical reflection and conversation (engaging some of the challenging issues of this day), activities (canoeing, wall climbing, and such), shared meals, worship (quiet and loud), play (day and night), special guests (from near and far), a learning tour, faith stories, and so very much more!

When: This summer! July 28 (afternoon registration) – August 1 (leaving after lunch), 2019. Early registration deadline for travel subsidies and discounts: May 3, 2019. Final deadline: June 30, 2019.

Where: Shekinah Summer Camp, SK, 75km north of Saskatoon in the North Sask River Valley.

Why: We want to be together! Sharing stories, experiences, resources, conversations, prayer, and snacks as we create holy memories and live out our call to be the body of the Radical Christ.

How: Event Cost – $375/person, includes all meals and lodging, plus transportation to/from camp for those flying into Saskatoon. Groups registered by the early-bird deadline (May 3) are eligible for a travel subsidy (funds provided by Mennonite Church Canada) as well as a sponsor discount, see registration form for details. If you need additional help coming, talk to us; if you want to come, we want you there!

Printable W’s of Shake: Word Doc – The W’s of Shake; PDF – The W’s of Shake

Shake contact information.